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Community Outreach Programs

Trapeze School New York is dedicated to bringing flying trapeze instruction to those who may not be able to afford the opportunity. Our Community Outreach program is specifically for 501(c)3 status, nonprofit or fiscally sponsored organizations. At this time, Trapeze School New York does not give to individuals.

Trapeze School New York is committed to improving the neighborhoods and enriching the lives of those in the communities that surround our school. Although we focus on childrens organizations, we are happy to support the arts, sciences and the pursuit of equality for all.

Please fill out our donation request form to the best of your ability including the date of your fundraising event, or best times if you plan to bring a group to our school as well as a correct mailing address. Please be aware that our Community Outreach flying trapeze classes are generally limited to Monday through Thursday before 6pm and no more than 15 participants.

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