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Flying Trapeze

So, why do I have this nagging urge to throw myself off a platform 23 feet in the air, you might be asking yourself? Answer: because some part of you is yearning to be more alive, to fly.

If the thrill of your first few swings only whets your appetite for this exhilarating sport then it's time to start coming regularly to classes and learning everything you can about the skills of flying, the trapeze apparatus and the people who love to fly.


What you can expect from every Flying Trapeze class is the following:

  • The most up-to-date equipment
  • A focused class environment
  • Clear instruction, before and during class, from our expert instructors
  • Encouragement to improve your class by stretching between turns
  • Routines you can do at home to improve your flying
  • A great time and encouragement from your classmates.

What to Wear

Although the net is soft to land in, it can be a little rough on exposed knees, shoulders and toes. Also remember that you'll be wearing a safety belt over your shirt and you'll be hooking your knees over the bar, so it's best to wear clothes that fit snugly so they don't get in your way. Tights, yoga pants or snug sweat pants always work well, and shirts with sleeves (even very short ones) are a good idea. Bring a pair of socks or light slippers to wear while you're flying, and sandals or flip flops to wear between turns. On hot days, you should also bring a towel. If you have long hair, put it up with a rubber band (not plastic hair clips).

We've put together some materials for students of all levels who want to enhance their trapeze experience and improve their skills: