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Trapeze School New York classes can be purchased in packages of 10 or more classes for 10% off!

Please be aware that we require full payment in advance for all class cards.

Once you submit the form, you will be directed to PayPal, our secure payment service. After completing your transaction on PayPal's site, Your class card package will be on file at the school. To pay for a class using your class card, sign up online and use the class card payment option.

Buy the card first, then use it to pay for classes when you register. Submitting this form does not sign you up for any classes.

If you have questions about the class types or prices shown below, please call the office at (212) 242-8769 and we can help you choose.

1. Enter the quantity of one type of class below.

  Type of Class # of Classes  Class Price            Subtotal
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X $45.00 =  
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  Package Price: $ 


2. Review the policy for using the card.

  • The class card can be used towards any class at TSNY, including group classes, private classes, training sessions and open workouts. However, the discount is only applied to regularly scheduled group classes at the same or lesser value of the class type indicated on the class card.
  • The card may be shared and used to pay for up to 2 others, for a maximum of 3 people in the same class.
  • The card may not be used by a group booking an entire class.
  • Having the class card does not guarantee you a spot in a class. In order to reserve a spot in a class you must register ahead of time.
  • The card may be used for classes with prices different from those listed on the card. The price difference will be adjusted when you arrive for the class: an additional charge for each step up in price or a refund for each step down in price, based on the cost of the class. However, doing this reduces the savings of purchasing classes in bulk.
  • There is no expiration date on the class card.
  • In the event that a refund is requested, it will be subject to a $25 processing fee. If the card is partially used there will be a $25 processing fee and the full fee (non-discounted price) for the used classes will be deducted, refunding whatever is left over.


Fill in the information requested below in so we will be able to contact you if there are any questions.

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TSNY accepts payment for online class card orders via PayPal, the secure service we use to process credit card payments. Your order is not complete until you successfully finish your transaction on PayPal's web site.

Please press "Submit" only once.The form may take up to a minute to send.

For questions, contact or call (212) 242-8769.