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About the School - What People Have to Say About Us

Here's a sampling of what our former and current students are saying about their experience at the school. If you'd like to send us a testimonial, click here.

Some of our students have expressed their feelings about flying in longer form. Read their stories in our Flyer's Life section.


"I signed up for a trapeze class on a whim and really had no clue what to expect. I had so much fun in class. Several hours later I still have such energy and excitement running through me. I can't stop thinking about it. The staff was amazing and the price was well worth what I got in return. All I can say is - GO NOW! I am definitely returning. Thanks Trapeze School New York!"

- Zack Hemenway


"Thanks again for all you do for the Ronald McDonald House - you are making a huge difference in the lives of our kids and families."

- Maija Judelson,
Camp Ronald McDonald


"Hi Trapeze School! We came on May 27th at 10:45 to try trapeze-ing all for the very first time and just wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for such a great experience. We had a blast flying and you guys couldn't have been nicer!! Thanks so much!!!!!"

- Jill, Megan, Owen, Justin, Whitney, Sarah, Dave


"I am still giggling from my morning at TSNY. Standing up on the platform for the first time, with Dino repeating 'hep, hep, hep,' I didn't understand why I wasn't moving. Of course the fact that I was frozen in my ready position had nothing to do with it. 'I am jumping!' I said. I was convinced that everytime he said 'hep,' I jumped.

When I realized that my jump was going to have to include dropping down, I somehow did it and away I went. 'Knees up,' the spotter said. 'No way,' I yelled back. Fix (the spotter) tried to encourage me, but the first time there was not a chance that was going to happen. I did a graceful drop into the net.

Everyone was great. A woman older than I am did it, and I saw how patient the instructors were with her and how they got her through it. So I thought to myself, 'maybe I can do it.' The next time, my knees went up and my feet found their way over the bar. Next thing I knew, my hands were off the bar and I was soaring upside down. They tried to get me to finish with a back flip, but there was no way. Then the older woman did it. So next time I did it: knees up, hands off, back flip. I couldn't believe it. The instructors (Dino, Jonathan & Fix) were great. Very patient, very encouraging and kind. Thanks for it all. My son, Ben, did this with me, so most importantly, thanks for catching him."

- Karen Kanter


"I usually don't write letters of this sort, but I felt compelled today to write to thank your capable staff (Jonah, Dino and Jango) for a great time last evening.

Last November I purchased a class for my sister-in-law, which we finally got around to using last month. I have to say, we both were unsure as to what exactly to expect on that hot, sticky July day - but from our first swing, we were hooked. The best way I can describe it to people who haven't done it, is that it brings back the feelings of childhood - freedom and fun and genuine pride in physical accomplishments. Upon seeing the pure joy on our faces that day, my brother-in-law booked the school for us so we could do it again in a more intimate setting. Last night we visited the school for our private class. It was a perfect night - cool, low humidity, a sunset over the Hudson - we even found parking spaces on the street! And from the second we met them, we loved our capable trainers. They made the experience not only fun and exciting, but they were supportive and caring as well - making sure that we left there both happy and proud. I can't speak highly enough about all three of them - they were awesome.

Thank you for a great night. We've been incredibly impressed with the school and will continue to support it as often as we can - and will tell anyone who will listen to visit as well. Keep up the good work - we look forward to coming back soon."

- Suzanne M. Brown


"It was such a great feeling to leave my stressful life at the bottom of the ladder and soar to new heights! A beautiful sunset on one side, a full moon rising on the other, and great instruction in between what a wonderful experience. Thank you."

- Margie Blue


"My boyfriend and I were in NYC for the weekend and I wanted to try trapeze before flying back home to Austin. He was skeptical because of his size (6 feet tall, 200+ lbs.) and wasn't sure if he would do well...

We were both pleasantly surprised! By the end of our first class we both caught our first attempt at the knee hang!!! Definitely the best adrenaline rush of the whole trip! Take a chance and try something new because now my boyfriend is talking about how when we go back to NYC we'll have to schedule trapeze in advance as part of the trip!

Thanks for everything, you guys are great!"

- Tricia


"I wanted to thank you and your crew for bringing the trapeze to New York and making it so easily accessible. It was - to me - a microcosm of life - just what I experience when faced with a challenge.

It usually takes me a long, long, time to gain such insight...learning when I hesitate just what the consequences may be, how when my energy has been expended in other areas, I may not have the energy necessary to accomplish something I strongly desire, how important it can be to listen and just let go ...

Thank you, thank you, thank you ....It was just perfect!"

- Emily Singhota


"What does one do on a 52nd bithday? How about your first knee hang catch! Believe me, it ranks right up there with the bigger thrills of your life. The staff is great, well-trained, patient, and very upbeat. I can't think of a more exciting and fun thing to do to celebrate. If you're looking for that special present, think about giving someone the thrill of flying! Thanks to the staff for a wonderful birhday."

- Nora Anderson


"Last night was my first lesson and you bet I'm coming back for more. It's just a matter of time. The instructors were so helpful and everyone had a great sense of humor that kept things fun and lively. Fix, Fred, and Jonathon were a blast to be with. Jonathon, thanks for the catches and the mention in this morning's Daily! Icing on the cake.

I'm recommending this to all my friends in New York and Baltimore! Thanks again!"

- Cindy Hwang


"Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks once again for a fun & exciting experience learning to trapeze. You know a good time was had when your arms & shoulders are still sore a week later. ;)

Trapeze School NY has a great set-up and the professionalism of the instructors was very evident. We appreciate your hospitality and look foward to future experiences."

- Debora Marrocchino, Men's Health Magazine


"Crissy, Paul, Dino, and Elliot, Woohooooo!!!! What a great time!!!! My children and I want to thank you for the amazing experience you gave us! I was the terrified mom that each of you coached to a successful flight and catch. My daughters and I can't stop talking about the experience, and now we all understand the addiction part of your slogan. Your professionalism and constant encouragement made us all feel comfortable jumping off the board 23 feet in the air. We really found out how important listening is!!!! :) WE ALL WILL BE BACK SOON!!!! Thank you for a great time.

P.S. Paul, you were right about me going for the catch! Thank you ;)"

- Maggy, Lynsey, Madelyn, and Nick Falzone


"I wanted to thank you so much for the amazing experience we had this morning! Bringing the group of people who work for me there was one of our strongest "bonding" experiences yet...We have just finished a busy tradeshow season and are gearing up for Christmas (our peak is July, believe it or not) so the break was well-deserved. The combined release (both physical & mental) really helped clear everyone's head.

It was agreed over breakfast at Pastis that we would all prefer this experience again instead of a big "company" dinner out as we've done in the past. I guess we'll be seeing you over the summer.

Thanks again for a wonderful, exhilarating, safe experience!"

- Laura Mady, Boucher Jewelry


"Your setting is breathtaking, your rig flies tight and smooth, and your staff is wonderful. Thank you for showing my little sister -- a first-time flier -- how exhiliarating trapeze can be, and thanks for cheering an out-of-shape new mom onto a couple of solid catches. Have a great end to the season, and hope you're up and running again next summer."

- Amy Zind


"When I stepped off the board for the first time two weeks ago, I had no idea what a transformative experience it would be. The flying trapeze challenged me on all levels; it tested my will, my fitness and strength, and my ability to maintain some form of grace all while feeling a real deep-bellied fear. I left that first class a little scratched and bruised, but completely enthralled and determined to come back to fly as often as possible. So kudos to Jonathon and everyone at TSNY for doing what you do."

- Marie Clare Sillick


"Thank you for an amazing day! Flying was so much fun, and my face still hurts from smiling. Being caught was absolutely magical! Looking foreword to doing it again soon. Thank you again, and thanks also to your amazing staff!"

- Debra Silverman


"I just wanted to let you know that I had so much fun at class. I can't stop thinking about it. I guess that's the addiction part. The instructors were wonderful. They were so straight forward about it that I wasn't nervous. Unfortunately, I live in Dallas, so I'm saving up for my next trip to NY."

- Sandra Muller



"I started flying on a lark. Two years later, it still beckons me each week. The sheer fun of it is exhilarating, and my body now looks like it did twenty years ago! TSNY is so safe and the instructors are so supportive that I look forward to each class as eagerly as I did my first one. I can’t imagine a summer without it!"

- Danny Colvin


"Thank you all so much for an extraordinary, wonderful and memorable experience. You are terrific coaches, patient, professional and encouraging to students of all abilities. Thank you Jonathon for catching me. I know I was borderline and you gave me the benefit of the doubt and consequently the thrill of a lifetime!"

- Juliana Seeligson


"I just wanted to thank you again for letting our children fly! It was an awesome exhilarating wonderful time. Thank you so much."

- Jenny Meyers, Homeschool community group

"Healthy risk-taking is a good thing. Engaging in activities where you can feel accomplished and overcome a fear...can only help you in other domains of your life."

- Dr. Kamila White,
  Boston University
  School of Anxiety